3 Ways to Recycle Your Old BBQ Grill

Recycled BBQ Grill

If an old grill is no longer of good use when it comes to cooking, then you may be able to reuse it rather than send it to the dump.

Simply give it a clean, slap some enamel paint on the sides and interior, and it’s ready to be repurposed. An old grill, either gas or charcoal has many useful purposes that go far beyond outdoor grilling.

An old grill can be used in alternate ways for planting, playtime, and storage. Consider the following alternate ways to use an old grill, and recycle your investment in one of the following creative ways. It is worth saving and re-using!… Plus it is better for the environment!

Create a Planter for Your Garden

If you love flowers and outdoor greenery, use an old grill as a planter. Remove the burner and other attachments, and clean it out completely using a scraper, wire brush, and citrus juice as a natural degreaser.

Once all of the surfaces are clean and dry, paint the grill inside and out with low VOC exterior spray enamel in a color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry completely according to product label instructions, add painted embellishments if desired.

Fill the bottom of the grill with a two-inch layer of one-inch diameter limestone or lava rock. The rock will help improve drainage while helping to prevent the soil from falling out through the holes in the lower sides and bottom.

Fill the grill with rich organic soil, and use it to grow an array of flowers, or plant flower seeds. An old grill makes a fantastic alternative planter, and it provides a unique way of decorating the backyard deck and a great way to use something that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Make a Sandbox for kids!…Or Pets!

Do you have children that enjoy playing in the sand? Turn an old gas or charcoal grill into an alternate sandbox on wheels and put it to good use.

Remove the inside parts and the tank, and after cleaning the interior thoroughly, cover any holes with heavy-duty duct tape. If desired, this alternative sandbox can be painted and decorated further with low VOC spray enamel in a fun color. Also, if necessary, line the bottom with a sheet of hard plastic to further seal any fine cracks and other open areas where sand could run out. A cheap thin plastic cutting mat works great for this project.

Next, fill the grill with play sand, and give your kids a portable sandbox with a lid. The kids will love it, and you will use an old grill that does not have a better purpose.

Outdoor Storage for Your Garden Tools

Storage containers are costly, especially the outdoor varieties that can withstand wind and inclement weather.

Try this alternate way to use an old grill. Remove interior parts and clean away grease and grime. Paint the old grill with low VOC enamel spray paint, add a few decorative painted touches.

Use this sturdy storage container with a lid for storing everything from small spades to garden gloves. It will safely hold most of your small garden tools and supplies, and it will make good use of an old grill that would otherwise end up at the scrap yard or in a landfill.

Closing Note

Above are just a few examples of how you can recycle your old BBQ grill, by ensuring we look at ways to recycle/upcycle we can do our part to protect the environment. Got other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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