Great Grilled Kebab Recipes

Grilled Kebab Recipes

Recently the culinary world has witnessed an explosion of new Kebab recipe ideas. More and more restaurants are taking up some creative strategies in adding Kebabs to their menus. It’s really a win-win approach for most dining establishments. Kebabs are really a very attractive way to generate good revenue in most dining establishments. Customers are flocking to restaurants, just to sample some of the newer creations to this new trend in the industry. Even the restaurant proprietors are raving about the profit margin.

While a Kebab entree might look very appetizing and filling on the plate, proprietors are realizing that their profits are typically higher on account of actual portion weight. It’s truly a winning combination on both sides of the table. In essence, they not only look good, but these new Kebab ideas, are tasting really fantastic. Enjoyed by most customers, the actual food costs are right in line.

Over the last few years I have come to terms experimenting with some new creative concepts in making the Kebab as one of my more personal favorites, to prepare. Away with just the plain, and basic meat on a stick, I have developed some signature Kebab recipes that include some variations of different food groups. I tend to mix and match different meats, poultry, and seafood.

Instead of just cooking a plain meat or chicken Kebab on the grill, and then sliding it all on a big bed of plain rice. I like to use fresh vegetables, certain potatoes, fruit, fresh herbs, and sometimes finish it off with a nice sauce. I also look for items that have optimal freshness, as I try to assemble a colorful way to showcase the finished product. I enjoy peoples reactions when they gather for some sampling of these Kebabs. Not only do I serve these as main entrees, I prefer to serve Kebabs at wedding receptions, anniversaries, and cocktail parties. You can be very creative with these, and turn them into some really nice appetizers and present them on nice sterling silver platters.

Another word for Kebabs are brochettes. Its the same thing as Kebabs, only sounds a little fancier. There are a few tricks to making these great little food types on a stick. If your going to use Kebabs as grilled items, I suggest you soak the wooden skewers in water for a few hours, so as not to burn the Kebab sticks. Yet their are some chefs that like that rustic burn look as part of their presentation.

As a replacement to the wooden skewers, some chefs prefer the metal ones. It”s is all just a matter of choice. Large toothpicks are sometimes used for the mini Kebabs as an appetizer. Another tip: is to assemble the different types of food in a pattern that will promote color in an eye appeal fashion.

You should use certain foods that compliment the main ingredient. When making large brochettes, your products should be about 1 &1/2 into 2 inches tops. You don’t want them to big, otherwise, they look a little out of place and gordy. I like to use bright colors like, zucchini or yellow squash, and about 1&/1/2 thick rounds cut in half. Keeping all products the same size will help in the cooking process and will cook evenly throughout. You can even use specialty garnishing knives to achieve designer cuts.

Instead of laying the finished product on a plate and maybe sliding the food off the Kebabs, I sometimes use a base, like an apple or a pear quarter, and stick the pointed side of the brochette into the base so that the finished product stands up on a plate. When using meat on your Kebabs, look for leaner types, and trim off excess fat and sinu. Nothing is worse than a fatty, chewy, marble tasting piece of meat on a stick.

I encourage those interested in perfecting this skill to let their imagination take over in creating new and unique menu ideas. Here are some of the Kebabs I have made in the past, that have worked well for me. Oh !, and one more thing, Always use boneless cuts in your meat, especially chicken and fish when making these. People tend to slide the whole cut right into their mouths when consuming these. We certainly don’t want them choking on any small bones. Other than that just enjoy !!!

1) Grilled Fruit Kebabs w/ pina colada sauce: whole strawberries, quartered fresh peaches, pineapple chunks, red grapes, orange segment, kiwi slice, and an apricot slice.–With this i make a pina colada sauce. Equal parts of sour cream, plain yogurt, crushed pineapple, pina colada mix to taste–mix well and nap the sauce over the Kebab or serve it on the side after the Kebab has been grilled for only a few minutes. Don’t overcook these, its a flash grill mark and they’re done.

2) Grilled Miso Chicken Kebabs w/ oriental sake sauce 1&1/2 inch diced boneless breast of chicken, 1&1/2 inch diced yellow, red and green pepper, green onion pieces, sliced water chestnuts, bamboo pieces. For a sauce I use sake, mirin, light soy sauce, a little chopped garlic, ginger powder, a few red pepper flakes, and some thin-sliced green onion for a garnish–mix all ingredients well–serve Kebabs over a bed of bean sprouts. This looks really nice on a soft colored plate.

3) Grilled Seafood Kebabs w/ warm garlic butter sauce – 1/&1/2 inch cut of swordfish, lobster tail, large sea scallop, large shrimp (w/ tail on), diced salmon fillet, lime wedge, cherry tomato, lemon wedge, chunks of radicchio, and chunks of fresh scallions– I serve this with a warm clear garlic butter sauce w lemon pepper seasoning.

4) Grilled Vegetarian Kebabs w/ spicy marinara sauce – 1 &1/2 cut of the following red pepper, yellow pepper, orange pepper, zucchini, peeled eggplant, red onion, scallions, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato slices, sugar snap peas– I serve this with an orzo pasta salad and a basic marinara sauce seasoned with crushed red pepper flakes to nap over the Kebab

5) Grilled Surf and Turf Kebabs garnished w/ fresh rosemary sprigs 1&1/2 inch cuts of beef tenderloin and lobster tail meat, Use same size pieces of endive, radicchio, fennel, scallions, all cut on a bias. I then top off the Kebab with a whole baby portobello mushroom. I like to use a few par-boiled red bliss potatoes cut in half. I garnish the Kebab with fresh rosemary and a small souffle cup of melted garlic butter on the side. I like to serve this with garlic toast, and fresh steamed asparagus w/ fine strips of poached lemon strips

6) Grilled Turkey Kebabs w/ cranberry relish sauce 1 &/1/2 inch diced turkey breast meat. 1&/1/2 inch par-boiled acorn squash ( skin and seeds removed ), 1-inch slices of fresh corn, par-boiled ) large sugar snap peas, quartered blood oranges, whole mushrooms, For the cranberry relish I boil fresh cranberries, till soft, then I puree them till they are coarsely chopped. I then heat them in their natural juices with some sugar, a little orange juice, lemon zest, a little chopped parsley, till it becomes hot. I then thicken it, with a cornstarch slurry, till the sauce becomes thick and silky.

Now that you got me started. lets fire up the grill and get these Kebabs going !!

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