How to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

How to clean a charcoal grill

Our Easy Charcoal Grill Cleaning Guide

Consistent grill cleaning and maintenance for charcoal grills are just as important to do as grill maintenance and cleaning are to gas grills. Even though there are many ways to clean a charcoal grill, not every way is the proper or right way. How to clean a charcoal grill consists of many careful steps in order for your charcoal grill to function smoothly and cook your food right.

This is the perfect time of the year to get to know the correct way to clean and maintain your own charcoal grill. So, for you to become completely ready for your next fantastic charcoal grill party, simply follow these important steps in order for your charcoal grill to function at its best. This way, when your grill is properly cleaned and working correctly, you will be able to successfully fire up your next outdoor foods with peace of mind.

No Peeling Allowed

Many charcoal grills today are made with a baked-on porcelain enamel coating. Now and then, you may observe a little piece of dirt that looks similar to paint. No worries though, as these little pieces of what looks like debris are not actually paint at all but are actually various smoke and grease deposits that appear every once in a while during normal use.

They are not dangerous at all and can quickly be removed by taking a simple stainless steel brush and gently sweeping the grease and smoke deposits away right before you start grilling. You may also want to wipe your charcoal grill down with a good soap and water solution and thick paper towels after each time you grill. By doing this, you will prevent any further build-up of grease and smoke deposits. In order to prevent any further ash, grease, and carbon build-up in your charcoal grill, a good deep cleaning of your grill should be done one time around the grilling season. You will also want to clean out any public charcoal grill you intend to use, before you start grilling.

Gather Your Charcoal Grill Cleaning   Supplies

You will want to have the following cleaning supplies ready before cleaning your charcoal grill:

  1. Paper or plastic bags
  2. Aluminum foil
  3. A quality grill brush
  4. A good bristle brush

Cleaning The Charcoal And The Grill Grates

When it comes to how to clean a charcoal grill, following the right steps will ensure you successfully have a clean and functioning grill in the end. When you get ready to clean the inside of both the charcoal grate and the grill grate out, you can do this by following a few easy steps. Try to remove the actual grill grate first of all. Proceed by then carefully clean it with a course cleaning brush or quality grill brush. Repeat this same step with the charcoal grate used on a kettle charcoal grill.

Using A Quality Grill Brush Or Aluminum Foil

How to clean out a charcoal grill correctly also consists of using a good scrubbing grill brush or simply scrubbing with good aluminum foil. If you happen to not have a good grill brush to use, then a small ball of aluminum foil actually makes for a great charcoal grill scrubber too.

You can use either your grill brush or the ball of foil to carefully scrub any debris off of your charcoal grill grate it may have on it. Proceed to also clean off the very bottom of both the charcoal grill and lid too. When it comes to public charcoal grills, simply place your hand inside of a plastic or paper bag and sweep off any debris or dirt found inside of the grill and sweep it into a second bag.

If there is an ash catcher on the charcoal grill, you will want to carefully empty it out. When it comes to charcoal kettle grills, you can simply get some good soapy water and wipe down the outside of the charcoal grill and lid.

Put Your Charcoal Grill All Back Together

After you finally put all of charcoal grill parts back together correctly, it will be time to grill!

Remember, if you decide to use a public charcoal grill to grill food on, you can also place some layers of aluminum foil directly onto the grill grates and poke several small holes into it with a fork or knife, before you fire the grill up.

Lastly, how to clean a charcoal grill the right way will give you a much cleaner grill to cook your food on the next time you have a party or tailgate event. Some other good things to remember to do regularly with your charcoal grill are things such as oil the hot grill grates right before you place the food down on it, thoroughly brushing your charcoal grill grates after you preheat the grill in order to remove any bits of food, and brushing your grill grates one more time after you grill so that it will be clean. These are some important steps to take in how to clean a charcoal grill out.

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