What You Need to Know to Grill (or BBQ)

Perfect BBQ

There are a thousand ways to cook meat on a grill wrong, but only a few ways to cook it right. If you want to have the best BBQ party of the summer, you can use these hints and tricks to bring the most out of your meat.

What is the difference between Barbequing and Grilling?

Grilling is not BBQ and BBQ is not grilling. When you BBQ, you want to leave the meat over low, indirect heat for hours and hours. You do not get ribs that fall off the bone by blasting them with heat for twenty minutes then slathering them with BBQ sauce you bought from King Soopers. No, the best of the best southern-style ribs are rubbed down with a special blend of homemade seasonings and then cooked for up to six hours.

This technique can be toned down and used on all your other grilling. For example, you can put your seasonings on some burgers a few hours before you cook them and then turn the flame down low on the grill and take a few extra minutes to cook them perfectly.

Dealing with the Meat

Again, speed does not mean quality. If you really want your burger or steak to be charred and have a crispy crust that is still doable. The trick here is to still cook the meat over a lower heat and take your time letting it get cooked all the way through. When you are about five minutes from taking them off, turn up the heat and let them get crispy.

When you are cooking the meat DO NOT push down on them and let the juices spill out. This will just dry out the steaks and make them lose flavor. A general rule is to not flip burgers or steaks until the top starts to change look cooked, and flip the meat as few times as possible.


If you need to know how well done the steaks are, use the pinch test. Make the “Ok” symbol with your hand, now pinch the flesh between your thumb and forefinger; what you are feeling is a rare steak.

Now touch your middle finger to your thumb, that’s medium rare, naturally, your pinky is for well done. If you want to tenderize cheap steaks you can soak them in beer for a few hours and once they are on the grill all the alcohol (and beer-flavor) gets cooked out.

If you are cooking with a lot of sauces try making a tray out of aluminum foil so that the sauce stays in contact with the meat the whole time and does not drip into the grill to gum it up. And finally, do not be afraid of putting fruits and vegetables in with the meat to give them a different taste that can surprise and add new depths of flavor.

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